Chariot Rider App

Product Design Lead

Building sustainable transit

Chariot is focused on creating a transit solution that relieves congestion while offering a comfortable, personalized commuting experience.

In 2016, Ford Smart Mobility made its first acquisition with Chariot making it a cornerstone of the company's mobility strategy.

What I worked on

I managed design team priorities and created systems for the team to successfully accomplish milestones during the redesign of our mobile apps. I also provided design support on new features, as well as participated in user research sessions to help inform our decision making and understanding of our product.

Rethinking the user experience

As the company has grown over the last few years, the user experience of our app has become a top priority.

In order for Chariot to succeed, our user experience needs to be more intuitive, the booking experience needs to be faster, and our riders need to more easily understand how our service works.

Sign Up

When a new rider signs up for Chariot, it's critical that we confirm their email address and phone number. Because we have two types of riders - public and enterprise, we need to present them with the correct ride options once they complete sign up. Because of this, we require all new users to sign up before they can use the app.

Booking a Ride

The main interaction for booking a ride is dropping a pin on your pick up and drop off locations. Once you have these set, you are presented with a list of options which are grouped by the pickup stop location. You can tap one level deeper to see the route and view more information about the details of the trip.

Riding in a Chariot

Once your ride is booked, you can see the location of the chariot and directions to get to the pick up stop. Chariot requires showing the drive proof of payment, so the rider must present the boarding pass when the Chariot arrives. You can also view stop photos and walking directions to and from the stops and your pick up and drop off locations.

Want to See More?

With user research, prototyping, and iterating, we worked through quite a bit of features in addition to the ride booking flow. Please reach out to me if you want to see more of this project and my other work.